About Us

behind the scenes at beyond

Best International student
services (BISS) is an educational
consultancy. We work on your
behalf dealing with all questions
and queries prospective students
may have about institutions they
may be interested enrolling for
future studies.

We do our best to support you
throughout the entire journey,
application process and ensure
due care is taken when
completing all the necessary

Our strong affiliation with most
Universities and colleges
enhances smoother and faster
application process.
Therefore, there are several
advantages for using us as your

Better guidance, advice and
direction which leads to studentʼs
making choices independently to
gain admission to some of the
best colleges and universities out

A bespoke and tailored student
services with the assistance of
international students and
professionals in identifying the
appropriate courses and

The speed of decision-making
and taking advantage of the
services we provide enables
faster process of applications
than the traditional methods. We
are in direct contact with the
management of all the
universities and colleges that we

Best International Students
Services (BISS) is able to assist
studentsʼ open a bank account
and registration with the Doctorsʼ
surgery/health post and other
important requirements which are
necessary to make their stay a
comfortable one.